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Try to keep up, nothing can stop this

We are outworking you. We are laughing. We are tip tapping away at the keyboard and out the other end come beautiful creations of art and infrastructure (which is art btw). If you havent seen us around you just havent looked hard enough, also you probably didnt hear about us because we were too busy building in silence, making moves. SILENTLY

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The world’s most innovative companies were outworked by us


Get Built

Everything you need to get across the finish line in web3

I will take a momentary break from my breakneck shipping and crushing it to help you make something if you ask nicely. I would love to help.


We proudly serve all our dApps ourselves to provide a unique user experience. We will literally make you an interactive and stunning website rn.


All MONY GROUP contracts and some external contracted work were put onto the immutable Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain ledger from our company computer. We will literally write you a secure eth contract rn. (Now offering audits)


Using AI Computer Vision software and strict curation, we create collections that miladys love. We will literally get AI SD tools into your hands rn.

OG Milady

In case you didn’t realize, we’ve been here for a little while.

Miladystation launched in December ’22.. That was our first quarter even being in business. Our board was mutuals on twitter with certain individuals when the new internet was pieced together on the timeline in the days of yore nigga. It gave us the passion you see manifested in our work.

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Online All the Time.
Hyper responsive, probably online rn.
One time we airdropped 1.5M by hand.
We are not here to muck about. Solutions, fast.
We value privacy. Be who you want to be.
Grindcore Workmaxxed.
Literally addicted to building.
Cloud Capable.
Yeah some of our shit is on the cloud.

Our track record

Trusted by thousands of onchain angels worldwide

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Stop getting outworked.
Get us on your team.

If you don’t have us on your team you are liable to being outworked.